RHEINTACHO UK seeks a future with more localised sourcing opportunities

By Rheintacho UK Ltd
schedule8th Jun 20

RHEINTACHO UK, the UK subsidiary of the German RHEINTACHO Group, is a manufacturer of instruments and tachometers for measuring rotational speed and linear movement. Our portfolio is complemented by the products of the group which we trade worldwide as well as within the UK and Ireland. These are mainly stroboscopes and sensors.

During the COVID-19 crisis, RHEINTACHO UK has remained fully operational, i.e. we have been able to supply our customers all over the world with the products they require as reliably as before. Our staff was trained in precautionary measures to keep safe during the difficult times and internal safety precautions were implemented.

During the past few months, we have not stopped thinking about our future. On the contrary, we are pushing a revolutionary, unique development of a product which will become the first and only of its kind worldwide. This new product will become a pillar of the future of RHEINTACHO UK. It will be produced in Micklefield, Leeds and we assume that additional staff will be required to meet market requirements in the future.

Another project we are working on is the search for suppliers within the UK and Europe to better deal with such a crisis in the future and to optimize and simplify our supply chain. Of course, we were challenged in finding companies with competitive prices, but in many cases, we have not only been successful in doing so but have also found companies offering the top quality we require.

RHEINTACHO UK will emerge from this crisis stronger than before and by using more local sourcing opportunities, we will be backing Britain without forgetting that our friends in the EU and especially in Germany, are neither far away, but ready to support us as well.

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