Manufacturer of measuring devices, sensors and accessories for rotational speed recording and monitoring. We also offer contracted assembly of electrical and mechanical assemblies and sub-assemblies.

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About Us

RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH is a company with longstanding tradition and has been engaged since 1901 in the field of rotational speed, a crucial control quantity for mechanical processes.

RHEINTACHO UK Ltd, a sales partner of the German company RHEINTACHO Messtechnik GmbH, is specialized in the production of non-electronic measurement and indication instruments as well as tacho generators, and acts as a sales and service center for the UK and Ireland.

At Rheintacho UK, located in Micklefield of Leeds, we are looking for a second apprentice as a technician in assembly and mechanics with some electrical and electronic focus. In addition, we are looking to replace a position in logistics and purchasing towards the end of the year. 

In-house product development, production and assembly departments guarantee quick and innovative solutions to customers’ individual requirements.

The production range incorporates a wide range of solutions of a high technical quality, principally in the field of rotational speed: sensors, hand-held measuring devices, rotary encoders and switching devices.

RHEINTACHO China acts as localized sales and support center for genuine RHEINTACHO product, and provides timely application and technical support for Chinese and Asian customer base. RHEINTACHO China team can communicate in Chinese, English and German to closely support local Chinese manufacturers as well as join-venture companies.

RHEINTACHO Group Reacts To Corona Covid-19 Virus

Measures taken to protect employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. 

For additional information visit our website: https://www.rheintacho.de/en/home/rheintacho-group-reacts-to-corona-virus/


As well as imposing the highest in-house quality standards, RHEINTACHO expects the same level from its suppliers and service providers.

As part of this mind-set,

-customer focus
-a process-oriented approach
-continual improvement
-the involvement of all employees
-supplier relationships
-and a system-oriented management approach are the focus of our thoughts and actions.


As a manufacturer of measuring devices, sensors and accessories for rotational speed recording and monitoring, RHEINTACHO has been offering first-class solutions for a wide range of applications for more than 115 years. 

Our rich experience in rotational speed measurement is reflected as much in our standard products as in the special solutions we develop for our customers.

Why choose RHEINTACHO?

RHEINTACHO has had its finger on the pulse of technology for decades.

We know the conditions of use specific to your branch and have developed systems which can withstand even the harshest environments.

We are constantly expanding our expertise in development and design. We can also develop custom solutions, quickly and inexpensively. Our product development process guarantees punctual, high-quality development work.

Our production facilities meet the latest standards. We undergo regular internal and external audits to monitor our processes.

Our quality control department monitors our own production and our external suppliers. FMEAs (failure mode and effect analyses) are drawn up so that potential errors can be identified and eliminated long before they can happen.

We see our customers as business partners for long-term success.

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Our sales and project engineers

  • Paul Hargraves

    Managing Director

  • Darren Cheesbrough

    Manager Operations and Engineering

  • Bill Buhler

    Managing Director Sales and Marketing



We have never received goods packaged and organised as samples the way Rheintacho did it. Glad we switched to you.

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