RHEINTACHO Speed Sensor for the Tough Jobs

By Rheintacho UK Ltd
schedule24th Mar 22

PWM-output - temperature detection included - overmolded connector

The overmolding of the pre-assembled connector (DEUTSCH DT04 series) creates a perfect, sealedsolution. The sensor itself already meets IP6K9K (ISO 20653) and IP67 (EN60529). With this product,RHEINTACHO is adding a very interesting variant to the well-known sensor series. Thanks to theintelligent design of the overmolding tool, the dovetail groove of the connector remains functional andthus offers good fastening options.

Reliable, longterm sealing capabilities

With the FE pwm, RHEINTACHO extends the FE series with the perfect solution for use under themost difficult environmental conditions. The very compact sensor body has a total height of only
36.8mm with an insertion depth (e.g. into a motor housing) of 18.4mm. The sensor housing is made ofa resistant, proven brass alloy and offers high resistance to the usual fluids that occur in everydayhydraulic life. The sensor body is sealed by means of an o-ring. The combination of o-ring andprecisely manufactured metal housing guarantees excellent long-term stability. This offers reliablesealing capabilities.

Temperature detection included

The latest addition to this series offers an innovative additional benefit: temperature detection is alsointegrated into the speed sensor. The interface is a DEUTSCH DT04 4-pin connector that is widelyused in the hydraulic world. In order to deliver a good performance in robust everyday use, thebackside of the connector is overmolded here as well. The simple, inexpensive recording of thetemperature is an interesting feature, especially in hydraulic circuits

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