Rheintacho's growth in technology and range of sensors

By Rheintacho UK Ltd
schedule7th Apr 20

A period of growth and stability has dominated the last 20 years, and Rheintacho is not only growing in terms of staff but also technologically. The Leeds-based company is the Rheintacho Group’s competence centre for intrinsically safe products (ATEX certified) and is now enlarging this ATEX portfolio constantly.

Latest additions are the complete family of eddy current tachometers for use in printing, paper production, refuelling operations, paint and coating productions and more. In addition, Rheintacho is the specialist in the production of sensors for detecting, recording, measuring and controlling rotational speed and linear movement, which are the benchmark for the industry in quality and reliability.

The firm’s range of sensors includes one and two signal hall sensors of all sizes and different connections. Sensors are produced and tested in Germany and extensive development processes and thorough testing ensure long-term performance. Most sensors are suitable for specific applications and are developed together with customers to best fit their requirements. The newest trend in the development of sensors is moving the firm towards multi-functionality, i.e. introducing sensors which not only measure rotational speed, but also detect temperature; one sensor for two functions.

The advantages of such multifunctional sensors help our customers save money and reduce the complexity of their own systems. On top of sensors, Rheintacho is a leading manufacturer of both portable and stationary industrial stroboscopes. The newest development is another high-performance hand-held device with an auto-synchronisation function to the speed of the moving object.

The family of tachometers, including eddy current tachometers and hand-held mechanical, optical and digital tachometers is quite extensive offering many different options. Call 0113 287 4411 or email [email protected]

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